domingo, 24 de julio de 2011

I Like..!

I like waking up late, waking up early when I have to do, usually to go to the gym, I walked away from my house is so I get my ipod! I like being on the PC, talk to my friends, being with my girlfriend, hanging out with her, going to church, listen to system of a down at full volume and sing their songs!

Conversation about wrestling, my favorite sport

!leonel: Tucaso Hey! going to see Wrestlemania 23?
Josh: Of course I do not miss it!
Leonel: I less! In the main event CM Punk vs. Edge This!
Josh: Yes? I'm going qque Earn Edge!
Leonel: Well, I going Cm Punk! Is the best!
Josh: Let's bet? 50 bs! Edge to Win and Lose It Punk?
Leonel: Okay! Easy Money will
josh: I like the Sport
Lionel: If I love ami! hopefully it existed as a sport here!
josh: Simon! performed there hopefully! because I'm going! I'm calling now to me 50 pages of bs!
Leonel: Tucaso, we are now waiting for you to pay me


My Personality

Do not smoke do not drink, I did drugs, my only addiction is God!

I consider myself a man, kind, respectful, educated, creative, intelligent, crazy! Impulsive, Bizarre people tell me, everyone is as is! Ehh And Evil!
Sometimes I'm organized, clean, Im Not rebellious Although Sometimes I ignore! Always live happy! I get angry very dificl, good corduroy, not me, my conscience is stronger than me, I like giving money to people in need ..
I am very organized, clean, obedient, sometimes a little cranky I am a good friend, good brother, good son, I like sharing and helping those in need ...
I do not like studying .. but I do .. that is good for me, my future depends on this!
I like to study, it is the foundation of every person and allows us to grow and take up, my dream is to become a successful career filled with many positive aspirations for my life

Insanity is part of all is that which helps to balance life!

I'm just sitting in my room..
With a needle in my hand!!
Just waiting for the tomb
Of some old dying man

lunes, 18 de julio de 2011

Comparation.. England Vs Japan

Japan is an island nation in east Asia and England is a country in Europe. [Japan is bigger than England]. Japan is a country of over three thousand islands extending along the Pacific coast of Asia. England comprises the central and southern two-thirds of the island of Great Britain, plus offshore islands of which the largest is the Isle of Wight. The England area is 130 395 km whereas the japan area is 377 835 km. The Capital and the largest city in England is London whereas the capital and the largest city in Japan is Tokyo. The national language in Japan is the Japanese and in England is the English and Cornish. The Japanese is more difficult than English. The England government is constitutional monarchy whereas the Japan government is the parliamentary constitutional monarchy. Japan is more populated than England. The total population in Japan is 127.417.244 whereas in England is 50.762.900. England richer than Japan. The currency in Japan is the yen whereas in England is the pound sterling. The pound sterling is more valuable than the yen. The official religion in Japan is Buddhists and Shintoists whereas in England is Christianity. Japan is the second largest economy in the world after the United States whereas England's economy is the largest of the four economies of the United Kingdom. Japan has a large industrial capacity and is home to some of the largest, leading and most technologically advanced producers of motor vehicles, ships, textiles and processed foods whereas London exports mainly manufactured goods and imports materials such as petroleum, tea, wool, raw sugar, timber, butter, metals, and meat. English people listen music such as hard rock, British invasion, heavy metal, progressive rock whereas Japanese people listen eclectic music. The traditional sport in Japan is the sumo whereas in England is the rugby and badminton. In my opinion the rugby is funnier than sumo.

War? System Of a Down!

ystem Of a DownI chose this song, not only because it is my favorite band, but because the lyrics are interezante .. Ehhhh! The guitar is the best of all! Even something CRazY is the best!

The song talks about the wars that man does in this world, wars are futile

The theme of the song is that mankind makes war for wealth and other material benefits over the centuries and make up reasons, one of the first reasons is that God sent them to war. The lyrics of the theme suggests that the war against communism and terrorism alone is aimed at world domination.

The booklet of the album, there is apparently the band saying, "We first fought the heathens in the name of religion, then Communism, and now in the name of drugs and terrorism" and that "our apologies for the dominance always global change. "
The music video for War? shows the band playing live. The sound of the video is a demo the band recorded. Before the band begins to play, Serj shown saying: "Praise the Lord!Pass the ammunition!God wants you to go to war!

Dark is the light,
The man you fight,
With all your prayers, incantations,
Running away, a trivial day,
Of judgment and deliverance,
To whom was sold, this bounty soul,
A gentile or a priest ?
Who victored over, the Seljuks,
When the holy land was taken

We will fight the heathens, We will fight the heathens
We will fight the heathens, We will fight the heathens

Was it the riches, of the land,
Powers of bright darkness,
That lead the noble, to the East,
To fight the heathens

We will fight the heathens, We will fight the heathens
We will fight the heathens, We will fight the heathens
We will fight the heathens, We will fight the heathens
We will fight the heathens, We will fight the heathens

We must call upon our bright darkness,
Beliefs, they're the bullets of the wicked,
One was written on the sword,
For you must enter a room to destroy it,
International security,
Call of the righteous man,
Needs a reason to kill man,
History teaches us so,
The reason he must attain,
Must be approved by his God,
His child, partisan brother of war,

Of war, we don't speak anymore,
Of war, we don't speak anymore,
Of war, we don't speak anymore,
Of war, we don't speak anymore,

We will fight the heathens, We will fight the heathens
We will fight the heathens, We will fight the heathens
We will fight the heathens, We will fight the heathens
We will fight the heathens, We will fight the heathens 

lunes, 27 de junio de 2011

System Of A Down showed me a

System Of A Down showed me a. ..

see reality differently ...

make decisions in difficult times ...

mainly respect and love a friend ...

experience (in every sense) ...

that in life one must be patient ...

keep my promises ...

be different ...
giving and receiving ...

facing society today ...
see what happens around me ...
I do not need to be like everyone else ...
think differently ...
always give it for front ...

worrying and ignore the ignorance ...

roubleshoot ...

everything is up there ...
open my mind to new experiences ...

put limits ...
listen to the silence ...

that there is always hope ...

that after something bad, something good will ...

think ...

activate my emotions ...

that time is an obstacle rather than discourages us ...

SOAD and finally taught me that music is the art of expressing emotions through sound and hearing a theme of these teachers feel something unexplainable in my ......

Shopping At Music Store

World Music Store
Me: Good afternoon

Menganito: Good in that I can help?

Me:  I want to buy an ibanez
Menganito: Well, you have various prices
Me: that is the price of ibanez iceman?
Menganito: has a value of 7000Bs
Me: Ok .. It's OK I wear